Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting knots. I am excited to share my 30 yrs of knitting experience with you. It is so much fun to make something and be completely happy with the end result.

So many times when we knit something it just doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would and that is so frustrating. I want you to love every minute of knitting and especially the finished project.

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I started knitting a 8 yrs old and I have never looked back. In my quiet time at the end of a busy day you will always find me knitting. I knit everything from socks to afghans. I love it. I even take it to the grocery store. (I knit in the car while my husband drives.)

I can’t wait to help you love the wonderful project we are going to make together. Whether you have been knitting your whole life or just started today, you will find that knitters sometimes make things more complicated then it needs to be. I want to help you see that it isn’t difficult. It’s fun, whether you are 8 or 80.